Artifact 001 auction

We ran an auction for the first earthquake minted by the Data History Museum, on 21 April 2022. Check out the auction!


Dates and times

Starts: Tuesday 19 April 2022 12.01am GMT (8.01pm Monday EST, 10.01am Tuesday AEST)

Ends: Thursday 21 April 2022 12.00am GMT (8.00pm Wednesday 20 April EST, 10.00am Thursday 21 April AEST)

Where and how

The auction will be conducted on ALGOxNFT.

Joining the auction is simple - connect your wallet (MyAlgo Connect) and bid on the earthquake. You’ll need enough Algos in your wallet for your bid amount.

Keep an eye on the auction as it progresses and bid again if you’re outbid (ALGOxNFT will automatically increment the minimum bid).

ALGOxNFT shows the amount of time remaining and the end time in your local time to help keep track. Make a note of the end time as it’s likely bidding activity will heat up close to the end!

When you make a bid, ALGOxNFT will hold payment for that bid in escrow. If a higher bid is made, your previous winning bid is returned to you. If your bid wins the auction you will receive the NFT once the auction is over.

Proceeds donated to science and disaster relief

We’ll donate the proceeds of the auction 50% to scientific research and 50% to disaster relief.

Funds will be set aside in two dedicated algorand accounts for this purpose

Getting help

If you have questions, or need a hand setting up your wallet, join our discord, ask there and one of our team will help you out.