The Data History Museum’s mission is to mint, catalog, and sell verifiably authentic digital artifacts forged during the most significant events of human, terrestrial and cosmic history.

Millions of historical artifacts are sitting in museums around the world. These artifacts are considered authentic for two key reasons:

  1. They have direct causal links to significant events in history - they were either forged or altered during the events, and;
  2. They're non-fungible.

Interestingly many artifacts also contain (fungible) data, such as Egyptian hieroglyphs carved on sculptures, the Declaration of Independence written on parchment, or a seismogram etched on a paper drum.

The data on these artifacts is fungible, but when coupled in real-time, with something non-fungible, a historical artifact is produced. Museums are filled with artifacts like these, and they’re extremely valuable to collectors and historians.

But while the world increasingly generates more data in response to historical events, we’re also removing non-fungible objects from the data collection and storage process, resulting in fewer non-fungible artifacts being available for display in museums.

Fortunately, thanks to the invention of Blockchains and NFTs, we have a solution.

The goal of The Data History Museum is to mint NFTs, as an immediate and automatic response to an event worthy of the historical record, as it happens in real-time.

Download our whitepaper for a deeper understainding How NFTs Qualify As Legitimate Artifacts.

We’re here to push boundaries

Our Mission


The Data History Museum has exciting and ambitious plans, bringing lots of interesting features and utility to our collectors and community. This is Version One of our roadmap. We will revise the roadmap from time to time and provide progress updates via the announcements channel on Discord.


Mint earthquakes and unusual seismic events
Mint solar flares
Introduce generative and dynamic imagery/art
Name your artifact
Contribute portion of proceeds to scientific and charitable foundations
Mint other terrestrial events
Launch History Coin ($HC) and create history coin economy
Mint cosmic events


Commence science funding strategy
Activate buried treasure
Mint human affairs

Meet the team


The Data History Museum curates artifacts with data from public domain and open database sources to ensure no copyright issues. We would like to acknowledge the dedicated scientific teams that create these sources: